Let’s Talk About Camping Gear Reviews and Stories!

After a day on the road, campers just love meeting up at campsites and talking about their adventures, their camping gear, their setups and giving reviews of places they been and what they’ve done. I like doing this, and I’m sure if you’re a camper, you do too!

Right at this moment, I am in the passenger seat on the way to Uluru and enjoying the beautiful sunny day, blue sky, red sandhills and desert oaks.

And in this camping mood, (for we’ve been on the road for two weeks), I thought wouldn’t a website where you and I can just talk about camping be a great idea! And so, “Let’s Talk Camping!” is the product.

Best Camping Gear

Here you can read about Camping Gear, and talk about your different camping equipment (not as an advertiser, but completely honest ), read a variety of camping stories from all over the place and add your own camping story, journal or blog!

I hope you enjoy ‘talking’ directly on to this site and adding photos of your Camping Trips and enjoy reading other contributions. Write your camping story while you’re on the road and your friends and family can follow your travels, read your camping journal and add comments.

That’s what I am about to do right now…. enjoy!

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